Weyermann Pilsner

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Weyermann® Pilsner malt is a German, lager-style base malt produced from high-quality, 2-row spring barley. It contributes a pale-straw colour to wort and adds mild, malty-sweet flavour with gentle notes of honey. A very flexible grain with high extract efficiency, it exhibits excellent lautering properties and yields optimum results for any brewing process from the simplest to the most complicated mashing regimen. Weyermann® Pilsner malt also provides the finished beer with substantial body and mouthfeel, as well as good foam development and head retention. Well-suited for use with any beer style, the malt is a particularly good choice for continental or American lagers, non-alcoholic or alcohol-reduced beers.


Colour °L 1.4-2.1
Moisture % Max 5.0
Usage Rate up to 100%
Extract FG Min 80.5
Protein Total 9.5-12.0