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This is the hop that made hops famous. It single-handedly defined the American Pale Ale style. Cascade is bursting with zesty grapefruit flavor and aroma from the high levels of myrcene oil. It lends a pleasant and balanced bitter, but is ideally used in late hop additions to maximize that bright flavor and aroma. The bright citrus is backed by some soft floral and spice, which rounds out the profile. Brewing with fresh leaf from this iconic hop is a real treat.

Citrus and Floral

Typical Usage: Flavoring and Aroma.
Beer Styles: American Beers
Pedigree Cross of English Fuggle with male originating from Russian variety Serebrianka
Alpha Acids* 4.5 - 7.0 %
Beta Acids 4.8 - 7.0 %
Cohumulone 33 - 40 % of alpha acids
Total Oil 0.7 - 1.4 ml/100g
Myrcene 45 - 60 % of total oil
Humulene 8 - 13 % of total oil
Caryophyllene 3 - 6 % of total oil
Farnesene 3 - 7 % of total oil