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sorachi Ace is a legendary and unique variety of hops. Sorachi Ace has a unique lemon and herbal character that is very refreshing in classic lagers and pilsners, but can also be incorporated into pales and IPAs. Coriander, dill, and mint are other common descriptors.

Sorachi Ace was developed in 1984 for Sapporo Breweries Ltd. from a cross of Brewer's Gold, Saaz, and male Beikei No. 2. The name “Sorachi” is derived from a sub-prefecture of Hokkaido, Japan. It has a rather high α-acid and oil content.

Pedigree: Brewers Gold, Saaz, male Beikei

Aroma: Pleasant lemon character

Alpha Acids* :12.0 - 16.0%   11AA

Beta Acids: 6.0 - 7.0 %

Cohumulone: 20 - 25 % of alpha acids

Total Oil :2.0 - 3.0 ml/100g