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Has become one of the most well-respected hops since being released in 1990. Centennial, named after the centennial anniversary of Washington state, is incredibly well-rounded and useful for bittering, flavor, aroma, and dry-hopping. It quickly developed the nickname Super Cascade for its vibrant citrus and soft pine characteristics. Centennial is the featured hop in legendary IPAs such as Russian River's Pliny the Elder, Founders' Centennial IPA, and Bell's Two Hearted Ale.

Recommended Styles: IPA, IPA, Double IPA, or IPA



Typical Usage: Dual purpose.Aroma: Citrus-Like. Floral and more bitter than Cascade.
Alpha Acid: 7% to 12%
Pedigree Combination of Brewers Gold, Fuggle, East Kent Golding, and others
Alpha Acids* 9.5 - 11.5%
Beta Acids 3.4 - 4.5 %
Cohumulone 29 - 30 % of alpha acids
Total Oil 1.5 - 2.5 ml/100g
Myrcene 45 - 55 % of total oil
Humulene 10 - 18 % of total oil
Caryophyllene 5 - 8 % of total oil
Farnesene < 1 % of total oil